Both autistic and ADHD?

We've got you. Co-occurrence is the norm, rather than the exception. So in the words of the young taco girl, why not both?

Hi, I’m Sandhya Menon.

I authored the first book ever about the AuDHD neurotype, The Rainbow Brain.

Which is pretty special. And I'm an AuDHDer too, in it trying to work my way through the rules.

What are the rules? There's been lots of people asking for an AuDHD course, and honestly, I'd have a headache trying to write it because it's be full of 'But this....' in order to make it apply to many AuDHDers.

What I know of my neurotype currently is that of a dance, between my autistic and ADHD needs, and they both take turns leading. And we're working our way to finding balance.

Instead what we've done? Is a deep dive into what we know about each neurotype, and I'll leave you with taking the aspects that work for you.

Along the way, you're free to ask questions and I'll do my best to answer them.


Dive on in!

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